About We Are HereForever 


We Are HereForever is a unique concept in web site design. All of the information contained within this web site is to be maintained in perpetuity. That means, we have structured this web site so it will be up and running into the next millennium. Your web pages of information and images will be preserved for eternity!

The We Are HereForever web site provides a centralized archived database, supported by the financial resources of our trust fund (under independent management) which can be accessed by future generations. Instead of your descendants searching through endless government records and personal memorabilia which will probably be lost within a few generations they can go directly to your web pages.            


The We Are HereForever Eternity Trust 

The We Are HereForever Eternity Trust was created with one objective in mind - to provide the funds necessary to keep your web pages, images and information accessible for future generations. Through the use of the trust fund We Are HereForever is able to provide for the eternal preservation of your memory in cyberspace. This undertaking by the We Are HereForever corporation is a unique and exciting new concept. The internet can now provide you with a way of preserving your memory for future generations and the We Are HereForever Eternity Trust fund can provide you with the financial resources to do so.

The trust fund also has been structured to take into account unforeseen events because no one can know what the future may hold. For instance if the internet is replaced by another form of communication, or evolves into a newer form of multi-media information retrieval the trust fund has the power to adapt the We Are HereForever web site to that medium. In short the trust fund will be an active participant in the preservation of the We Are HereForever web site. Using the financial resources provided by the fund, the We Are HereForever Eternity Trust can ensure that your web pages, images and information can be accessed and viewed by future generations.

Create your web site on We Are HereForever. Now you can succeed where great men throughout history have failed. You can have your fifteen minutes of fame - for eternity!