We Are HereForever Eternity Trust 


The HereForever Eternity Trust was created with one objective in mind - to provide the funds necessary to keep your web pages, images and information accessible for future generations. Through the use of the trust fund We Are HereForever is able to provide for the eternal preservation of your memory and information. This undertaking by the We Are HereForever Corporation is a unique and exciting new idea. The internet can now provide you with a way of preserving your memory for future generations and the We Are HereForever Eternity Trust gives you the financial resources to do so.

Here's how it works. A percentage of the profits that the We Are Hereforever corporation earns from the operation of the web site is contributed to the trust fund. A pool of money is formed within the trust fund and the income it earns is used to pay for the operational expenses of the We Are HereForver web site. The trust fund is independently managed and no one - not even the We Are HereForever Corporation - may access those funds. We have deliberately set up the trust fund this way so you can be assured that the funds are safeguarded and that the income earned by those funds will be used to pay for the operational expenses of the We Are HereForever web site.

The trust fund also has been structured to take into account unforeseen events because no one can know what the future may hold. For instance, if the internet is replaced by another, newer form of multi-media the trust fund has the power to move the We Are HereForever web site to that medium. In short, the trust fund will be an active participant, using the financial resources provided by the earnings of the trust fund to make sure that your web pages, images and information can be accessed by future generations.

With the trust fund providing the financial resources just think of the possibilities. You can preserve your entire family history, or your own memory for the generations which will follow. Your most precious lifetime events - Marriages, Births, Anniversaries can be preserved forever. No longer do your have to worry that your family photos and memories will be lost or destroyed. You can preserve them forever in cyberspace.

So join We Are HereForever and become part of a new and revolutionary idea. You can succeed where greater men throughout history have failed. Now you can have your fifteen minutes of fame - for eternity!