General Questions
How much will my web site cost?
There are no fees associated with constructing a web site on We Are HereForever. Use our "Create a Site" feature or build your own web site and submit it to us for placement. A custom web site can also be created for you via our in house designer center. Please contact Blue Fountain Media for further details.
Can I link my web site to other sites?
Yes. We Are HereForever does not restrict your ability to place links on your web site to other sites, whether they are links to other web sites you may have within We Are HereForever or sites which are not part of our web site.
How can I create a web site on We Are HereForever?
Obtaining a web site is both simple and easy. Click on the "Create a Site" link to begin the process.
How do I get information and images on my web site?
There are a number of ways to construct a web site. You can use our "Create a Site" feature, design your own site or use our own in house designer to construct a custom site.
What will happen to my web site after my demise?
That is entirely up to you. You may want to password your web site so that only certain people will be able to view it. Or you may want to leave your web site "open" for all those who may be seeking information about you in the future. Whatever instructions you give to We Are HereForever will be followed.
How can I be sure that my web site will be viewable in the future?
Through the "We Are HereForever Eternity Trust" the site is able to provide for the perpetual existence of your web site. This is accomplished by taking a percentage of the profits derived from the operation of the We Are HereForever site and contributing it to the trust fund. These funds are invested to generate income which will pay for the operating expenses of the site. The trust fund is under independent management and no one (not even the We Are HereForever Corporation) may access those funds. According to the trust agreement, the funds will be on deposit with a leading financial institution, and the income earned will be used to pay for the operational expenses of the web site. The trust fund has been set up this way so you can be assured that there will be a sufficient income stream to provide for the perpetual existence of this web site. Please go to the We Are HereForever Eternity Trust section for additional information.
What if there is no Internet in the future?
If the internet is replaced by another form of communication, the trust fund will provide the financial resources to move the We Are HereForever web sites to that new medium and make sure the expenses to keep the web sites viewable are paid.
Can I limit access to my web site to only certain people?
If that is what you wish to do We Are HereForever will follow your instructions as to who will be able to access your web site both now and in the future. For instance, you may want to password your web site to protect your privacy and later have the password removed so future generations will not have a problem accessing your web pages.
Can I change the presentation of my web site after it is completed?
You can change your web site as often as you wish.
Are there any additional fees once my web site is posted?
No, never. Your web site will be maintained in perpetuity.
Are there any restrictions as to the content of my web site?
Yes. We Are HereForever reserves a unilateral right to reject any submissions. We Are HereForever is designed to provide an archival service and informational database for its members. We shall not accept materials which we consider pornographic, hateful, derogatory to any person or groups, detrimental to the security of the United States of America, or otherwise inconsistent with the goals, objectives and purposes of the We Are HereForever web site. Additionally, we reserve the right to reject any submission which in its sole determination is not believed to be owned by the submitter or which We Are HereForever believes has been otherwise improperly obtained by or used by the submitter. We Are HereForever shall not violate the copyright or trademark laws of the United States. Please see our Legal Information Page and the Policies and Guidelines Page for further details.
Can I remove my web site after it has been posted?
Yes. You need only provide us with your security access code and instructions. We will then delete your web site and remove it from the We Are HereForever directory listing